Maria: the environment exists for proper democratic governance


DP Councilwoman Maria Buncamper-Molanus expresses her gratitude to the Public Health Department for informing the public of the developments regarding the availability of the H1N1 vaccine.


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While from newspaper articles it is clear that the vaccine is not yet available, it is at least good news that, a few days after the DP faction in the Island Council sent questions to the Executive Council about this issue, information is provided to the public regarding preparations which are being made for the arrival of the vaccines and that a protocol is being prepared according to which the vaccine will be administered to people in our community.

The hope is that the Government of Dutch St. Maarten is collaborating with French St. Maarten as much as possible to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the vaccine. Many persons living on one side of the island attend school on the other side, likewise when it comes to employment. "These are just some the practical aspects that should be kept into consideration"; says former Commissioner of Public Health Maria Buncamper-Molanus.

The press release from the Government on the H1N1 vaccine also emphasizes the importance of members of the Island Council asking questions. And so if there were any doubts about the role Island Council members, in opposition in particular, play when it comes to the governance of this island, this should herewith be clarified.

In Chapter I "The Island Council", Part V, article 24 of the Island Regulation regulates the responsibilities of the Island Council. Sub. 1. Of this article states that the Island Council is responsible for handling all matters related to the island territory, which are not regulated in one or more other laws, or which are the responsibility of the Lt. Governor or the Executive Council . Sub 2 refers to the responsibility of making island ordinances related to the responsibilities of the Island Council. And finally the right to make inquiries is regulated in article 42 sub 1. of the Rules Of Order established by the Island Council.

One could conclude that says Councilwoman Buncamper-Molanus that the environment exists for proper democratic governance. The application of those in the relevant positions of responsibility determines how effective it is and the contribution it makes to run the peoples affairs.