GIS spotlight: Tanny and the Boys as they celebrate 50th Anniversary


This year Tanny and the Boys are celebrating their 50th anniversary, The Government Information Service interviewed the group at the Emilio Wilson Park and they have put together a Special Program to be played on Tuesday, November 10 at 6:00pm on Channel 15.


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Band Members present (non active or active) were Alberto Richardson, Arthur Mathew, Jocelyn Arndell, Maxime Reed, George Violenus, Rosevelt Samuel, and Edward Violenus.

Karl "Tall Boy" Arndell, former member of Tanny and the Boys, was also present to provide some insight into his past experiences with the band.

GIS also went to speak to Frederico "Culebra" Smith at his home in Philipsburg.

Past members were Nathaniel "Tanny" Davis, the founder of the band, and Abraham Thomas, and Thomas Pemberton.

The band talked about how the group was formed, where they have played, their experiences with the band, and personal remembrances—whether learning their instrument or playing at a particular favorite spot.

Tanny and the Boys have been playing for 50 years throughout St. Maarten at all sorts of functions, from weddings to Governmental functions to personal parties to travels abroad to play or to accept awards.

One of the special trips of the band is when they went to Cuba. In the special, members speak about this experience.

The band has also changed names several times, according to Jocelyn Arndell, from its inception, namely the first name was Seteto Flores, then the Philipsburg Conjunto, after that the name was the Beach Island Stars, and finally the Tanny and the Boys.

For their 50th Anniversary, the band will be playing at the Festival Village.

The string band plays meringue, salsa, soca, blues, and bolero, among other types of music. The instruments that they use are: banjo, guitar, accordion, tambura, marimba, and the guiro.