Davelaar candidate for PNP-leadership

WILLEMSTAD — Ersilia de Lannooy, political leader of the PNP, is no longer eligible as leader of the green party. She is ‘calling it a day’, after having been active in politics for ten years. The council of the PNP is recommending current Deputy Humphrey Davelaar (Public Health) as new leader.



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De Lannooy started her political career in 1999 when she became Deputy of Finances. She has been Minister of Finances in various cabinets since 2002, and has been the political leader of the party since 2004 when she succeeded Maria Liberia-Peters who had led the party on an interim-basis after the resignation of Suzy Camelia-Römer.
In a reaction, De Lannooy states that from the start of her political career, she had decided that she would only remain politically active for ten years. "Ten years is quite a long time, and it’s very demanding. After ten years, you want to do something different. That is the reason why I informed my party that I am no longer eligible for the upcoming elections."
The party’s council has not taken a decision yet as to whom would become the new party leader of the PNP with the States elections of January 22nd. An important candidate, State Secretary of Tax Affairs Alex Rosaria, has meanwhile refused the political leadership of the party. Ideological differences with the party’s management underlie this, according to Rosaria. Rosaria is known as a supporter of independency, a position, which the current PNP-party management does not share. Rosaria will consider his political future during the next days. He assumes he will be placed on the candidates’ list of the PNP, but this depends on conversations with the committee that is drawing up this list. Rosaria expects he could announce more on his political future in a week or so.

For that matter, Rosaria had been asked several times if he wanted to become the new leader of the green party. The last time had occurred last Saturday during a meeting with Vice-chairman Imro van Wilgen, Davelaar, council-member Gimena van der Gen, De Lannooy and Rosaria himself. Rosaria had confirmed again, that he was not a candidate for the position. Davelaar had stated during the meeting that he would be prepared to take on the political leadership. He is responsible for Public Health, Social Affairs and Utility companies since his appointment with this Board of Governors. He had previously been a member of the Island Council for several periods, a position that he still combines with his deputyship. Davelaar was originally from the social sector and had been the chairman of Fesebako – the umbrella organ of district centers – for years.
The next step in the process is an official proposal to the party council, which will come up during a general members meeting.