The Deceiving Parade: Same Old Politics, Same Failed DP Party

Just about 4 months ago, as expected, the Democratic Party Government imploded and the National Alliance spearheaded a stable government to realize country status for St. Maarten. As we face the challenges ahead, the National Alliance wants you to know what we are up against.


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Just this week the Democratic Party launched the latest and lowest in a series of misleading attacks against a well-known businessman, which DP Councilwoman Maria Buncamper claims to be a supporter of the National Alliance. In desperation, the Democratic Party is on every media program, distorting the truth. They believe that the same old smears and negative attacks will prevail again. But what the DP councilwoman did not say is that this same businessman recently supported her foundation, Sky is the Limit "King of Kings calypso show."

The truth is that this well-known businessman has repeatedly told government that he does not wish to manage St. Maarten’s NHI alone and that he is not interested in underwriting the plan. However, he has always expressed the view that National Health Insurance for all is a good and noble thing to do provided it is managed well and does not significantly increase the cost of doing business or the insured persons and taxpayers. In fact, in a speech on insurance given at the PMIA in January 2009 the same businessman agreed with the NAVV (Neth. Ant. Insurance Association) that no one Insurance Company must have the sole management of the NHI and suggested a system where the insured person decides which insurer should handle their individual or collective (in the case of a group/company)healthcare.

On the subject of the cricket field, the truth is that Mr. David Forsythe who, among others, manages the Raoul Illidge Sports complex, was charged with the responsibility of making a feasibility study of a cricket field on behalf of the then Commissioner of Sports Maria Buncamper-Molanus. Mr. Forsythe apparently met with the same businessman on several occasions, and also with past president of the SXM Cricket Association, Mr. Derrick Holiday and Mr. Keith Gittens, Chief Selector of the SXM Cricket Association to discuss the necessity of a cricket field. If the cricket field was important to Maria Buncamper-Molanus then when she was Commissioner of Sports, how come not now?

This nasty-gutter-style ploy of the Democratic Party misleads people about the true intentions of a philanthropist who has contributed significantly to this community. The Democratic Party even insults the intelligence of the people and even mocks the ability of St. Maarteners to motivate themselves and inspire others back into the political process. What a nasty turn to the gutter. How low can one get? Even some of DP’s own supporters agree that this is one wild swing at the National Alliance and reflects the Democratic Party’s increasing desperation and bitterness and the lack of any coherent strategy. Do they want to take the low road back to the highest seat of government?

This is yet another example that proves how out of touch the Democratic Party has become. If they can’t tell the truth, are they really capable of leading SXM? We don’t think so and when you look at what the DP stands for, you’ll come to the same conclusion. This media circus only confirms that the Democratic Party cannot be trusted to make decisions on the general interest of the people. It is clear again that the National Alliance is more competent to lead St. Maarten into Country Status. The Democratic Party knows that country St. Maarten is a new beginning; they want us to be afraid of a new beginning while they carry on with their old ways in the new St. Maarten.

You watch out, each day will brings a desperate new set of attacks and misrepresentation from the Democratic Party. But the National Alliance we will not let any attack stand. We will respond quickly, forcefully and respectfully to take their smear tactics head-on. We condemn these attacks because above the difference of politics, we are all St. Maarteners.

From the Board of the National Alliance