Comissioner Frans Richardson receives Annual Report 2008 from PJIAE president


On Monday, October 26, the President of the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) Eugene Holiday held a press conference in the conference room to give the media an overview on the developments at the airport for 2008, and to hand over PJIAE Annual Report 2008 to the Commissioner of Sports, Tourism, and Aviation Frans Richardson.


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The commissioner said that he is proud of what the airport has accomplished and it could only have been done through the hardworking people.

"Though we are faced with challenging times, we are still doing well," Commissioner Richardson said. "We have to continue to forge ahead and be the best that we can be. I look forward to working together with airport management to face the challenges and seek solutions to such. In the area of marketing our island, the airport plays a key role, whether as the main destination or as a transition point to other neighboring islands."

In addition, Commissioner Richardson said, "Everywhere I go, I am continually reminded by people of the beautiful airport we have and the quality service we provide. Our airport is second to none, and I want to commend you Mr. Holiday and your management team and the personnel at the airport for doing an excellent job."

About the presentation, Holiday provided an in depth yet brief account of PJIAE Annual Year 2008, and the prospects and challenges for the years 2009 and 2010.

In spite of current economic developments, we have to strive to be competitive, diligent, and consistent in our aims of providing safety, security and excellent service, for in tough times, while other destinations falter in these areas during declining demand, it is imperative that we continue to keep these factors at a very high standard.

Holiday added that the airport is working together with airlines to continue to improve services, and provide what the customers want. Some of the changes the airport are looking into are increasing the number of gates from 11 to 13 and introducing self-check kiosks.