Four generators experience mechanical failure on Friday

CAY BAY— Four power generators experienced a mechanical failure starting at 8.00am on Friday morning forcing GEBE to introduce load shedding for the rest of the day. By approximately 5.30pm everything was back to normal.


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Generators DG#7, 12, 16 and 17 experienced some form of mechanical failure whether it was high cooling temperatures or other related mechanical events. The generators which run 24/7 are bound to develop some form of problem from time to time, but Friday morning everybody was caught by surprise.

The total loss in megawatts was 18. If such a situation was to happen in December when the two new generators come online (combined they have 22.6 megawatts), GEBE customers would not notice anything as the new generators would be able to carry the load and still have a few megawatts to spare.

Over the weekend when the load is less, GEBE technicians will carry out maintenance activities on the generators that experienced the mechanical challenges.

GEBE continues to operate on a very tight electricity production schedule due to the high demand of electricity from customers. The installation of the new generators are on schedule for December, however any reduction in power generation due to the fallout of an engine will result in load shedding.

GEBE apologizes for the inconvenience caused.