Public can rent booths at St. Maarten Festival Village for St. Maarten’s Day activities

The St. Maarten’s Day committee is accepting requests from the public to rent booths or spaces at the St. Maarten Festival Village during the two celebration days of St. Maarten’s day.


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The first day will be on Sunday, November 8, where there will be a school competition, dubbed: Performance of the Arts, with this year’s theme: "The Good Ole Days."

This event will be featuring our young and talented – artists on the island where they will compete in dance, song and drama.

The second day to sell and display goods will be – on St. Maarten’s Day, November 11, where there will be many more activities scheduled in various areas of Philipsburg.

The Philipsburg Boardwalk will come to life with the old time boat races and the swimming competitions from pier to pier; the old time games and kite competitions are scheduled to take place on the St. Maarten Little League field and an entire day of cultural activities and other presentations entertainment will take place in the St. Maarten Festival Village.

The public can either rent a single booth for Naf. 125,- or a double booth for Naf. 200,-, They can also display their goods and artwork on a table, and each table space will be at a fee of Naf. 45.00. The playground will be at a fee of Naf. 27,00 per space and this fee covers both November 8th and November 11th activities.

Persons who are interested in renting a booth or space in the St. Maarten Festival Village during these activities are kindly requested to attend a meeting on Wednesday October 21st 2009 at 7:00pm at the A. C. Wathey Legislative Hall located in the Government Administration Building in Philipsburg.