The Territorial Symposium on Tourism: An encounter between professionals


The Territorial Symposium on Tourism to be held on Wednesday, October 21, at the Radisson Hotel at Anse Marcel

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin has had complete responsibility in the area of Tourism since July 2007. This status offers it a unique perspective in order to shape its future through the elaboration of its own strategy for tourism development and infrastructure in collaboration with a commercial and marketing strategy.


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This strategy should respond to the demands of the creation of wealth and employment, while preserving the environment and safeguarding the interests of the population of saint-Martin.

Tourism is the industry the offers the greatest potential for economic growth with a significant carry-over effect to other sectors of the economy.

Since January of this year, Vice President in charge of the Department of Economic Development Daniel Gibbs has insisted that there needs to be consensus between the Collectivité and the professionals of the Tourism sector.

Within that framework a consultation was launched last January around 6 themes. The Tourism symposium of October 21st has as its principal objective to come up with a summary of that consultation. During the symposium four round table discussions will be organized on the following themes:

· Summary of the consultation, diagnostic of the overall strategic orientations

· Balance between offer and demand for accommodations

· Evolution of the changes in the market because of the current crisis.

· Cruise ships: how to attract cruise passengers to the French side.

Please note that several personalities from the international tourism sector will be attending this conference.

1st Vice President of the Territorial Council

Daniel Gibbs

Press Release by the Democratic Party of Sint Maarten

October 20, 2009