FOL criticizes savings on Traffic and Transport

WILLEMSTAD — FOL State-member Mirna Louisa-Godett, and party-member Minister Maurice Adriaens (Traffic and Transport) criticized the budget of the Ministry of Traffic and Transport. During the discussion in the Central Committee, both FOL-members had criticized the savings that had been implemented by the Ministry of Finances.



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During the discussion, it was Louisa-Godett who had first wondered why the budget of the FOL-minister had required pruning. She wanted to know why the cuts had been implemented and during the public discussion of the Land budget, she argued in favor of reversing such. Adriaens who supported Louisa-Godett concluded that the cuts regarding the officials in Finances would jeopardize the functioning of his services. For example, the Minister referred to the expenses, which are related to the electricity costs of the Aviation Inspection. The department had submitted an advisability budget for 95,000 guilders, but Finances had decided to maintain an amount of 65,000 guilders. "Therefore, even if the prices did not increase, which had already occurred this year, we would already be looking at a deficit of 30,000 guilders in this entry."
The Minister also dwelled upon the costs related with the lease lines, which should be paid by the Ministry. In this, an advisability budget of 75,460 guilders was submitted, but Finances only agreed to 58,700 guilders, "which implies that we will soon have to look for additional funds at other entries. This regards matters such as electricity and lease lines, not things one uses for their own pleasure. It concerns matters which are necessary in order to be able to function."

Adriaens also criticized the savings, which were related to the entries traveling expenses and subsistence as well as those of his Ministry’s trainings. "In connection with the dismantlement of the Land and the establishment of new departments for the Land St. Maarten, all our co-workers will have to travel in order to be able to assist the people on St. Maarten. The funds for this are currently lacking. The same applies for related traveling costs incurred by inspectors. This was also cut in the budget. A budget had been submitted for 55,000 guilders, but 45,000 had only been approved."

Furthermore, the Minister was especially critical about the decision to reduce the advisability budget for trainings from 40,000 to 14,000 guilders. "According to international guidelines, these people have to follow regular courses in order to remain internationally acknowledged. We had already received warnings, but the decision to cut the budget was still taken. This implies that we can allege that the international acknowledgement will be jeopardized." Adriaens expressed his hope that the savings will be reserved during the public discussion.