Amateur Boxing on Saba

Last week, Commissioner of Sports Bruce Zagers met with Mr. Genghis Khan, Dean Johnson, and Milton Ottley and his advisor from the Sint Maarten Amateur Boxing Club Association. This meeting involved promoting the sport of amateur boxing on Saba.


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Mr. Khan has been actively involved with this sport on Saba for over a year by starting with a group of three young men. Currently, he has grown his numbers to 10 youths. Khan and his team practice three times a week in the gym. Part of the training involves the boys doing endurance training on their off days.

Last year one the students participated in an event on the French side and did surprisingly well, taking into consideration there was little preparation or experience. This proves that our island has potential in this sport.

Saba will start an amateur boxing club in the near future. An association will be started to further establish amateur boxing on the Island. Once the association has been formed, the Saba group can become affiliated with the Sint Maarten Amateur and Professional Boxing Association. The advantages of joining this association will afford people the opportunity to be part of seminars and invitations to different bouts. The Sint Maarten Association is a member of the IBA (International Boxing Association).

Zagers stated that, "There are plans for an official launch of amateur boxing during the Saba Day celebrations. The Government will financially assist in purchasing a floor ring that can be used for practices and exhibition bouts. " Zagers went on to say, "I fully support the initiative taken by Mr. Khan and I look forward to hearing more about these kind of positive outlets for our youth."

Source: Saba Government Information Services – gi*@sa*****.com