Girl Talk at Schools, SHC participating

This week, Health Care Affairs are participating in a program called Girl Talk, established by the Pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson, which aims to educate and orient preteen girls in the Caribbean about changes during puberty, hygiene and menstruation, sexuality, and other essential phases and issues of their lives.


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This program is sponsored by Manrique Capriles and in joint cooperation with the Preventive Health Department visit schools.

Over the last four years, except last year, this program has taken place on St. Maarten. The program consists of talking frankly to young girls about their development as young ladies.

This year is the first that Health Care Affairs is participating in the Girl Talk program, and they regard the program as part of a their comprehensive program, which includes, speaking to young boys and girls about their sexual development, their personal hygiene, and the changes that they are experiencing as a young person.

Nurse Helen Piper was the main speaker. She talked to the preteens about hygiene, body care, their growth and development as a preteen, and the importance of concentrating on school, and not worry about boy-girl relationships.

Nurse Piper, who has been doing this talk for 5 years throughout the Caribbean, speaks directly to the young ladies and impresses upon them the right things to do while growing up.

She explains about the effects and initial changes, which shows that your reproductive system is beginning to work.

At the conclusion of the session, participants received a small bag containing additional information on sexual reproduction and other related topics.

Schools participating in the program are: Oranje, Sister Borgia, St. Joseph, Sister Marie, M. Genevieve de Weever, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Hillside Christian, Sister Magda, St. Dominic Primary, MAC, John A. Gumbs Campus, Ruby Labega, Prins Willem, MAC Browlia Millard Campus, Sister Regina Primary, Leonard Conner, Seventh Day Adventist.