Press Release from the Democratic Party of St.Maarten

The folks of the party presently in government never cease to amaze us! They are actually trying to re-write history! In their heavily funded 2007 election campaign, the NA talked about a "new beginning".


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Now they claim that "the people of St. Maarten responded OVERWHELMINGLY to call on them to rescue St. Maarten from national and international embarrassment, scandals corruption and nepotism". HELLOOOO? Which political party is an embarrassment to St. Maarten? The Democratic Party for not accepting to be blackmailed by a member who got convicted by the court, or our opposition who, to get into office by hook or by crook (pardon the pun), struck a deal with that SAME convicted Councilman and then lured in one other former DP Councilman, who so desperately has a need to stay in power in order not to lose the control he wields, not in the general interest of St. Maarten, but in the interest of HIS selected few. And mind you, these were the very same two DP Executive Council Members that the National Alliance criticized the most! The DP’s opposition has YET to WIN an island election, to get into power. This time around they had to strike a deal with almost 50% (2 out of 5) of the Democratic Party Executive Council to make their so-called "new beginning". And what a new beginning! They are STILL working off the DP Program they found when they sneaked into the Building on June 8, 2009. The National Alliance/Heyliger Government after 4 months in office has yet to show the people of St. Maarten ONE thing it has done that was not of the Democratic Party’s making. It is an insult to all of us for them to pretend that they are responsible for all they are claiming. When William got into office, he was going to put every child in school. Instead, he quietly reverted to executing the Democratic Party’s plan of a phased introduction of compulsory education for children aged 4 thru 6. On the issue of constitutional change, it is offensive to especially those technocrats who have worked tirelessly on the constitutional change for the last 9 years, for the NA to now suggest the constitutional ship is adrift, a ship mind you, that William Marlin, the NA leader proudly pronounces he sat on for those 9 years! What was his input during all those years? Did you ever hear him utter an objection to the way things were progressing then? And talking about competence: read the story on page 7 of the Daily Herald of October 15, 2009 headlined:"Alliance corrects errors in release"! A classical case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!!


They refer to "THEIR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE". WHAT first term? A term is 4 years and you can only get that by winning by the ballot at the polls. Democratic Party Leader Sarah Wescot-Williams is correct when she quotes author and poet Maria Robinson, who said:"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!"


The Democratic Party of St. Maarten.


Michael J. Ferrier


October 15, 2009