Critical functions needed to build country St. Maarten

The Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Aviation and Tourism Frans Richardson has indicated that a number of critical functions are needed to be filled to support the Country St. Maarten in the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunication.


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These functions encompass the following areas: Civil Aviation, Shipping & Maritime, Central Bureau of Statistics, and Meteorological office.

In the Civil Aviation section, Inspectors are needed as well as a Policy advisor, and a Legal advisor. The Civil Aviation Inspectors should have an Academic degree and/or significant experience as a Pilot, Aircraft Engineer/Mechanic and/or experience as an Air Traffic Controller that has served in the function as Supervisor. The Policy Advisor should have a Masters’ degree in Aviation.

In addition, for the Shipping & Maritime section, there is a need for Inspectors, a Policy advisor, and a Legal advisor. The Shipping Inspectors should be experienced captains (<3000GT) or Maritime engineers or Master Mariners (<3000GT) and/or experienced Pilots. The Policy Advisor must have a Masters’ degree preferably in the Maritime Area.

In the area of Meteorological Services, St. Maarten requires Meteorologists. The meteorologists should have at least a Bachelors’ degree.

Regarding the Statistical area (CBS), there is a need for statistical analysts to deal with Economic Statistics (specifically in the areas of National Accounts and Price Statistics), Social Statistics, Demographer, as well as Application Programmer. All functions require applicants to have a Masters’ degree with the exception of the application programmer.

Interested persons should contact Sector Director of Economy and Tourism, Miguel de Weever via email Mi*************@si************.org.

Commissioner Richardson encourages all persons to contact government so that we can obtain a list of persons eligible to fill these functions. To this end, we are trying to find all our people that can help build country St. Maarten with the resources of St. Maarten.