Prosecution Council called in on illegal diesel investigation

WILLEMSTAD — Meanwhile, the Prosecution Council (OM) is also immersed in the investigation regarding the presumptive illegal sales of diesel on Curaçao. "I have understood that the Lieutenant Governor has had contact with the Prosecution Council. In that case, the public prosecutor and the customs criminal investigation department will also become involved with the investigation", said deputy of Energy companies Humphrey Davelaar (PNP).



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The ship El Goajiro was put under arrest yesterday in connection with the investigation. The government regulates fuel sales on Curaçao. Davelaar: "The fuel sales must be carried out by way of a price decision, and this includes the payment of fixed duties and sales tax". Island Council-member Nelson Pierre (NPA) is of the opinion that until now Davelaar’s manner of disclosing such information is not correct, as he does not provide the Island Council with any concrete information, said Pierre.
"This will only lead to more speculations on what is happening and who is responsible", said the council-member.
In view of the past problems of ‘toko den toko’ with fuel distribution company Curoil, Pierre is of the opinion that the government should keep the Island Council better informed on the occurrences.