Barge for diesel storage has arrived

WILLEMSTAD — Curoil recently bought a barge in the United States for the storage of low sulphur-diesel. The towboat Manta of KTK towed the engineless Pelican to Curaçao where the barge arrived yesterday. The barge has a storage capacity of 3 million gallons.



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"Sufficient for three months’ stock", said Curoil-director Gensley Capella. He is expecting the new fuel at the end of this month. For that matter, nothing is definite yet; "we are currently busy with the various quotations." Neither is it definite that the fuel – which contains less than 10 percent of the sulphur percentage than the diesel, which the Isla-refinery supplies to Curoil – will come from Russia, as was mentioned last week. Capella, "There are various offers".
As for Curoil, the low sulphur-diesel (<500 ppm) will replace the current heavy diesel (5000 ppm) at the gas stations. Consequently, there will be no choice, "unless others besides Curoil also continue to come onto the market with diesel, referring to the assumed illegal import of diesel, which is currently being investigated by the government. For that matter, ships from Venezuela have been coming to Curaçao since a long time to sell fuel on the local market. Gasoline and diesel hardly cost anything in Venezuela.

Towing Service Company KTK proudly announced that the towing boat had headed for Mobile along the American Gulf Stream on September 24th to collect the Pelican. Captain Nello Craane and his five crewmembers were at sea for a total of eighteen days and had covered 4000 miles. "Yesterday, the Manta entered the harbor with the assistance of pilot Gildo Brigita with the majestic Pelican trailing behind."
A combined press report concludes with ‘how two local companies joined forces for the welfare of our community’.