Objection against Statute Law for the Traffic of persons

WILLEMSTAD — The proposal to constitute a Statute Law for the Traffic of persons is unacceptable. The institute Kòrsou Fuerte i Outónomo (KFO) state this in an open letter to the Dutch Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA) who arrived on Curaçao today. In the open letter, the institute – consisting of professionals who had supported a No during the referendum – denounces that they will not stop their opposition against the statute law.



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KFO points out to Hirsch Ballin, that in the meantime the States of the Antilles but also the Island Council of Curaçao have vigorously renounced the draft statute law. "This intended legal regulation by the Netherlands is an example of the general tendency in your country, where these kinds of regulations are considered a solution for the problems with the Antillean youngsters, without bearing in mind the human rights of those involved." According to KFO, the citizens of the Antilles have free entry to the Netherlands. "The approach of the problems of a specific group or high risk youngsters in the Netherlands through a statute law that has legal force in the entire Kingdom, is heavy artillery and not an appropriate means to solve a problem that is taking place in the Netherlands, and the solution does not serve a legitimate purpose", according to the institute.
The institute describes the leaked out draft of the statute law as ‘another attempt to bar Antillean and Aruban Dutch citizens from the territory of the Kingdom in Europe, based on their origin’. According to KFO, this law fits in the line of thought of the cross reference Antilleans (VIA), and the return regulation, which both had a repressive character. "You even go as far as that in the framework of this law it is legally possible to detain Antillean and Aruban Dutch citizens, while this was never the case in the past. Even if the Council of State had given the green light, as occurred in the past in the framework of the department administration of justice with the VIA, as a nation we will never ever cease our opposition against such a statute law."