Gynecologists receive supply of new FC2 female condoms


On Monday afternoon gynecologists Dr. Randall Friday and Dr. Tjon Kon-Fat were given a supply of female condoms, which they will distribute free to their clients.


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The female condoms, the new FC2 were handed over by HIV/AIDS Assistant Programme Manager Cornelius de Weever.

This activity is part of the implementation plan for St. Maarten under a "Comprehensive Condom Programming" project entered into with UNFPA until December 2010. The new FC2 condoms as well as male condoms will be distributed through various outlets, including the gynecologists’ offices and their access and availability will be monitored closely by the HIV/AIDS Programme Management Team. Prior to the official start of the project, a workshop facilitated by UNFPA was held here last month to introduce the new FC2 female condom. The main objective of introducing women to the new FC2 female condom is to see its benefits, with the aim of empowering women and increasing their opportunities to make wiser decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.