Agreement on increase of UTS-rates

WILLEMSTAD — The rates for permanent telephone service of Telecom Company UTS will increase per November 1st. The monthly rate is currently 18 guilders. The council decision implies that this will be increased to 25 guilders. However, subscribers will receive twenty calling minutes free of charge.



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The announced increase is lower than UTS’ original request. The company wanted to increase the monthly rate to 30 guilders and even to 38 guilders later on. In a reaction, Telecom-minister Maurice Adriaens (FOL) states that UTS had never been able to motivate this request sufficiently. "They requested more, but they could not substantiate this on the basis of the statistics that they had submitted. Nevertheless, we could agree with the point that the rates should be increased, as this had not been done for nearly twenty years. The increase that is now to be implemented is based on statistics that justify this increase."
When UTS had announced the intention to increase the rates, there was considerable criticism on the consequences this would have for the less fortunate. According to Adriaens, it was therefore decided to calculate the number of minutes phoned per month by the less fortunate. Based on this calculation, it was decided that all subscribers would qualify for twenty calling minutes free of charge per month.

According to Adriaens, the increase of the UTS-rates involves a number of measures and packages for the benefit of the customer. "As UTS-subscriber, one now pays a fixed rate. For years now, I have been supporting a diversification in the products offered by the company, and the special offers of various packages." The packages that have been agreed upon imply that at special rates, subscribers can make calls free of charge during the weekend, or during the week after six o’clock. A combination of both packages is also possible, said the minister.

There is a package of 12.50 guilders per month for subscribers wishing to make free calls during the weekend. An amount of 7.50 guilders will be charged for phone calls during the evenings on weekdays. For the combination of both, where calls can be made during the weekend as well as during the evening on weekdays, there is a package that will cost 17.50 guilders per month.

According to Adriaens, UTS was not very pleased with the decision to increase the monthly rate to 25 guilders. "They had requested an extreme increase, but could not substantiate such. Nevertheless, we have promised them that we would review the subscriber rates on a more regular basis in the future and consider their company results."