SABA GEBE and SCF team up for International Coastal Clean Up which was a Big Success

GEBE joined up with the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF)on September 26, and organized Saba’s participation in the International Coastal Clean-up, which was termed as a big success.


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The SCF endorsed GEBE’s successful Supermarket Challenge and has been working alongside with GEBE to also increase the awareness of the dangers of plastic in the environment.

The SCF has been very active in the education system on Saba for many years. The non-governmental organization’s environmental education program which entails teaching a variety of topics including this year’s environmental calendar takes place at the Sacred Heart and Saba Comprehensive Schools.

After GEBE’s successful Supermarket Challenge on Saba, aimed at eliminating plastic shopping bags from the streets, the SCF in conjunction with Child Focus, challenged Sacred Heart School students from Grade 3-6, to use up all the plastic shopping bags under their mothers kitchen counters in the most creative ways possible.

On October 2, a GEBE team consisting of Mark Zagers, Shaun Johnson and Kevin Johnson had the very difficult task to judge the students efforts of the Sacred Heart School. Each student received A Guide to Saba’s Trails book and each class received a video with Saba’s pristine reefs.

The prize for the best overall class was awarded to Grade 6b, which received a complete collection of Blue Planet DVD series. The second prize was won by Grade 5, a complete collection of the Planet Earth DVD series, and third prize was awarded to Grade 3b. This class received the National Geographic’s Natures Most Amazing Events DVD collection.

The prizes were donated by SCF and Child Focus. After the selection, the GEBE judging team treated the students to pizza and refreshments to show their appreciation for a job well done.

Plastic shopping bags usually end up caught in trees littering the environment and can kill marine life because they are mistaken for food. Instead, GEBE has been promoting the use of reusable shopping bags which can be used over and over again as part of the company’s environmental program aimed at Saving Some Green.