Price increases lower than expected

WILLEMSTAD — The prices on Curaçao have increased with 1.3 percent in September compared to those of August. The long-term inflation (gauged over twelve months) decreased to 3.6 percent in September compared to 4.3 percent in August, and July had even shown a 4.9 percent. The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) is expecting that the inflation will decline further during the coming months, although not rapidly.



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The prices increased in most of the spending categories. The steepest price increase concerned living (4.2 percent) and was mainly due to the high increase of the tariffs for electricity (19 percent) and water (6.1 percent).
Kerosene also become more expensive (13 percent), but fuel on the other hand became cheaper (-7 percent).
The category ‘other’ increased in September with 0.7 percent. For example, the prices for personal care increased with 0.7 percent, and other goods and services with 1.4 percent amongst others animal food with 4 percent. Alcohol and tobacco increased with 0.7 percent. Slight price increases were seen with recreation and development (0.3 percent), and home furnishing and household effects (0.1 percent). Entertainment and culture increased with 0.9 percent.

Nutrition decreased with 0.1 percent compared to August.
Grain products (-1.7 percent) and diary (-1 percent) became cheaper amongst others due to the price decreases of white rice (-6 percent) and brown rice (-5 percent). On the other hand, potatoes, vegetables and fruit became more expensive (0.9 percent), sugar and chocolate (0.9 percent), and meat and fish (0.6 percent). Especially the price increase of bulbous plants was noticeable. The price development of other groups of food were between -0.1 percent and +0.1 percent. Clothing and footwear, public health, transportation and communication were just as expensive as in August.