‘Cft positive on 2010-budget’

WILLEMSTAD — From a press release by Island council-member Nico Cornelisse and comments from Deputy Zita Jesus-Leito (both of PAR) it appears that the College financial supervision (Cft) had advised positively on the island’s budget for next year. FK council-member Gregory Damoen is angry that the Board of Governors forwarded the budget over the year 2010 to the Island Council without the advice of the Cft.



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According to Damoen, this is in defiance of article 11 of the Order in National Council Temporary Financial Supervision. This article states that the Board of Governors should submit the budget of the next year to the Cft before August 15th. According to the same article, the budget should be submitted to the Island Council with the advice of the Cft, while the Board of Governors should indicate what they had done with that advice. Damoen concludes that the budget, which is meanwhile with the Island Council, had not been submitted together with the advice of the Cft.
"We received the budget on October 1st, as laid down by the law, but to the present day we have not even received an official letter from the island government stating that the budget had been submitted, or that the Cft had approved the budget", Damoen concludes. He is therefore surprised that colleague council-member Cornelisse of government party PAR had given a press release in which he congratulates the Board of Governors and the coalition with a positive advice of the Cft. "What is going on? How is it possible that he has the advice and we don’t? Is a difference being made here between members of the opposition and those of the coalition, or is this just a political issue?"

As Finances-deputy Mike Willem (PAR) is abroad these days, his colleague and fellow party member Zita Jesus-Leito (General Affairs) temporarily replaces him. In a reaction, the Deputy states that the Board of Governors has not received the advice yet, but had understood that it was positive.
In his press release, Cornelisse speaks highly of the coalition pursuing a good policy and the budget which the parties PAR, FOL and PNP had submitted. According to him, the positive advice of the Cft should be viewed as ‘sufficient cause for satisfaction and optimism’. "After all, the debt reconstruction and the scheduled transition of the island territory to the self-governing land will (therefore) not encounter difficulties. From the Dutch side, the positive advice implies a confidence in our financial economy and in the governing of the island territory."