‘Brooks Tower-agreement when all islands are ready’

PHILIPSBURG/WILLEMSTAD — Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba says that the Brooks Tower-agreement from 2007 will only be implemented when all islands are ready for such.



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In this agreement, it has been laid down that those non-registered persons, who had arrived in the Antilles before 2006, could still be registered in order to qualify for a residence permit. On Curaçao, they are currently looking for a location where this registration could take place, as Jacoba wants to arrange for the people and the resources such as computers prior to implementing the agreement. A tentative suggestion was made for the location Colon on Curaçao. Via the media, unregistered persons will be called upon to report themselves with the necessary documents. The latter will be verified so that registration can take place afterwards. A committee will review the applications to determine whether the persons could remain on the island. It is not known how long this course will take. Justice assumes three to six months, but it is difficult to predict the attendance of the foreigners.

At that time, the Brooks Tower-agreement had been signed by Jacoba’s predecessor David Dick, and the Lieutenant Governors of the islands. It looks like there will be some 20,000 non-registered persons on St. Maarten and the other islands requiring permission for legal residence. For that purpose, categories have been included in the agreement.

Foreigners, who have continuously resided in the Antilles before December 1st, will fall under category 1. They are requested to submit documents on the arrival (stamp in passport) and prove that they had never left the island since then. This evidence could consist of a copy of the application for a residence permit, an insurance confirmation from the SVB, confirmation of labor turnover, or for example statements from utility companies.

Category 2 regards foreigners who have arrived between 2002 and 2005 and are employed (group A). Their employer should provide them with a certificate of guarantee. These foreigners should have a minimum monthly income of 1500 guilders or 834 dollars. Group B regards those people who are living together with someone who has the Dutch nationality.

Foreigners who have arrived after January 1st 2006, fall under category 3 and therefore do not come under the agreement. They will be asked to leave the island and apply for a residence permit from abroad.