Curaçao North Sea Jazz: Ambition and fraternization


WILLEMSTAD — "The population has music in its heart, which is an important necessity". In spite of the grand set-up, such an event requires time to grow. "We will need a few years to realize the number of visitors in Rotterdam (75,000, red.)." Director Jan Willem Luyken of the North Sea Jazz Festival stated the aforementioned. He is also responsible for the organization of the event on Curaçao the coming years. "It’s a broad formula. Of course, we will give this a Caribbean twist. This will work out. We did the same in Cape Town."



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The first edition of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival will take place during the first week of September next year. During this period, various well-known international artists from jazz, funk, soul, Latin, salsa, and R&B will perform on various podia in several locations. The possible locations are currently being looked into by the organization. Many questions are therefore still unanswered. Luyken: "There is sufficient experience with the organizing of music events". Names of contracted artists should become known within a few months. "One thing is for sure: it should be a festival for everyone, for tourists as well as the population of Curaçao."

As an exception, Gregory Elias (Fundashon Bon Intenshon) was present at the press conference. "I’m really not up to publicity," stated the executive, who financially supports the event "through my good objectives. I have no commercial intent. Nor is a lot of money made. It is a modest attempt to grant Curaçao a place in the world."
In this case, the trust-banker speaks of the acceptance level of the island within the Kingdom. "That is currently not the case, to the great annoyance of me. I wish to demonstrate that positive things exist and take shape on Curaçao at international level; music, the medium that is unbiased and levels out each language barrier. In that, I try to help to establish that so desired positive image. There’s a huge ocean of substantial incomprehension for each other’s opinion between the Kingdom territories."
Nevertheless, the organization of such an event should not be underestimated. "Music is difficult; certainly if it concerns putting a good festival together, something that will be remembered." One can leave this up to Mojo, according to Elias. "North Sea Jazz is known in New York, Paris, and even in Moscow. They will arrange for something spectacular." Just like the previous launched specific pr-campaigns and during the past years also explicitly in sports, the Antillean soccer team (the Miracle), and with the sponsoring of soccer team NEC, which currently involves a youth project for talented people from Curaçao. For our children, who are having a difficult time in the Netherlands due to a few tinkers".

World mark
Director Evita Nita of Tourism Bureau CTB was exceptionally pleased. "North Sea Jazz is a world mark. It’s a new target group for us. That group will also come to know Curaçao. We will promote the event." Event-tourism always works well outside the absolute high season. Therefore, September seems to be a good choice. "It will become the largest musical event of the Caribbean region. Together, we should come up with creative solutions for luxurious problems, such as extra charter flights and accommodation for the first week of September."

Tour operator Frank Does united the parties. "I’ve been in the farándula for a very long time now." Especially in introducing Curaçao bands to the Netherlands. "A cooperation was established with Mojo last year, with this as the result. I think that Curaçao and the festival will fit like a puzzle." Travel organization Does Travel & Cadushi Tours will exclusively organize the North Sea Jazz-arrangements, including the flight and hotel.

Roberto Traxel, commercial director of Mojo Concerts: "Apart from the many events and concerts that Mojo Concerts organizes, this will become a unique project. All ingredients are present to make a great success of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz and this will get the island on the international musical chart. Our parent company, Live Nation – the largest concert promoter in the world – is also pleased with a festival that will have a strong international mark in the Caribbean region. We will gladly set to work."