Controllers and Taxi dispatchers take part in customer service training


The Department of Permits & Licenses, Public Vending & Economic Control (VOSEC) and the Department of Control, Inspection, and Security (CIB) are taking part in a Customer Service & Productivity Improvement training for three weeks at the John Larmonie Community Center.


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Commissioner Frans Richardson was present to provide words of support and advice.

"When given the opportunity, it always gives me pleasure to provide words of encouragement. This morning you are going to take part in a very important training session to upgrade your skills in crucial areas."

"This training should be embraced by all because it provides us the opportunity to learn, to improve ourselves, and to deal with the public in a better manner. Too often civil servants are criticize and forgotten. This training, however, allows you to upgrade and develop yourself; take advantage of the opportunity. St. Maarten will be a better place because you are here now," Commissioner Richardson said.

The Island Government has made these courses available to their personnel to enhance the level of service while increasing productivity within departments such as CIB and VOSEC, said Miguel de Weever, who is the Director of Economy and Tourism.

Head of the VOSEC Department Justine Webster extended to the participants a congratulatory message, "Thank you for your efforts in coming out to this training. It will be for 3 weeks and it will be interactive. Take as much as you can from the training."

The facilitator for the training sessions will be Clarence Richardson, who will focus on providing quality service, communication successfully, dealing with difficult customers, positive attitude, and team work. He added during the introductory part that it will be up to you, the participants, to absorb the material and learn as much as you can so that you could provide excellent service to the community.


The Department of VOSEC, Webster said, renders service to the public by processing applications for business/directors/branch licenses, operational and vending licenses and the issuance of these licenses. As well, the department executes various economic controls. Both departments have daily contact with the public, so it was important that we have such a workshop.

The Control, Inspection, and Security (CIB) Department have daily contact with the public as well through controlling and inspecting of traffic and road related matters. The security officers deal constantly with the public.

Head of CIB, Shervin Frederick said that the department performs the inspection before the issuance of operational licenses and conduct controls whenever the business is in operation.

In addition, the Taxi dispatchers, who are the first our visitors meet after they have cleared their luggage, regulate the taxi operations at all taxi stands. They ensure that the passengers are transported in a clean and safe vehicle.

A total of 32 persons will participate in the training: 19 persons from VOSEC and 13 Taxi Dispatchers from CIB.

The Training was approved by the Executive Council on July 21 2009.