TelEmGroup Slashing High-Speed DSL Rates, Prepared for Flood of New Customers


TelEmGroup is ramping up its products and services to make a new push in the Telecommunications Market on St. Maarten.

According to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo, TelEm Group is all set to start delivering a host of new products and services to customers starting with fantastic new High-speed DSL internet rates.


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TelEmGroup Chief Commercial Officer Brian Mingo Starting today, the company’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) TelNet, will be slashing its High Speed DSL rates to a minimum fee of $39.95 for basic internet packages.

And to get customers to take up the new offer, TelEm Group is providing a free modem to new customers along with FREE installation of the new service. Also, new residential customers will get one month’s free subscription of the 1MB package while Commercial customers will get two month’s free subscription of the 2MB package if they want to boost their surfing speeds.

To further entice customers, TelEm Group is also throwing in a Flatscreen TV as a winning Raffle prize as part of its new rates promotion..

Mr. Mingo says the announced rates marks a significant stage in the new marketing drive that TelEm Group will be pushing in the coming weeks and months.

He said TelEm Group presently offers the fastest bandwidth internet service on the island with business and residential clients now able to use as much as 8 megabits of bandwidth if they wish.

"More and more business and leisure activities are being conducted on the internet and customers no longer want to wait for hours to stream live conferences, download movies and their favourite songs or to send pictures to their loved ones. Now they can do it in minutes with the higher bandwidth that is available," said Mr. Mingo.

He said the new ISP rate reductions are across the board for business and residential clients with savings over previous rates of between $5.04 for the 512 kbs speed packages to savings of up to $200 for the 8MB speed packages.

"High-speed access to the internet is no longer a luxury, but an essential part of the way we now live and TelEmGroup is today rededicating itself to making high-speed internet access affordable and more widely available to everyone," continued Mr. Mingo.

He said TelEm Group has been working on the new DSL Rollout for several months in a program that has been designed to make the company’s Internet service more reliable.

"Several steps have been taken internally to improve our service to the public and based on the successes so farm we feel confident enough to extend the service to other customers," said Mr, Mingo.

He said on the mobile front, the company is also gearing up to offer some great new products and special deals for customers very soon.

With the next two weeks the company will start offering a host of 238 new mobile accessories from the Cellularline Company for sale at the TelEm Group Building.

"From batteries, to accessories for their ipods and iphones, customers can come and shop for their mobiles, and small cellular accessories as gift items," said Mr. Mingo.

He said the TelEm Group location has the advantage of open parking spaces available in the vicinity.

"People will be surprised at all the things we will be coming with in the coming weeks and months and Christmas will be a knockout, I can promise everyone that," stated the Commercial chief.

He said customers have commented on how quiet the company has been in recent months when it comes to promotion of its products and services, but assured that a lot of technical work had to be done in the background to prepare for the new range of services and promotions the company will be introducing soon.

"For competitive reasons we cannot say much only – watch out because we are coming back in a bigger and better way," stated Mr. Mingo.