Search carried out at Chamber of Commerce

KRALENDIJK — The international investigation into laundering practices, gold smuggling and drug trade continued yesterday with a search carried out at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). Members of the RST (Criminal Investigating Cooperation Team of the Antilles, Aruba, and the Netherlands) carried out the search in the presence of the public prosecutor and the examining magistrate, and confiscated documents of companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce.


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The names of the companies were not disclosed. The Public Prosecutor of the Netherlands Antilles was not available for comment this morning. Since September 8th, a dozen of more house searches were carried out on Bonaire in residences, companies, and government institutes. The investigation on the island is mainly focused on real estate (project) investments with drug monies. Meanwhile, six suspects have been apprehended on Aruba and in the Antilles in connection with this investigation.