G. de Weever School using Active Parenting skills

When the program "Active Parenting Now in 3" was introduced to the G. de Weever School to the parents of that school, the principal Mrs. Doncker- Rogers insisted that it be introduced to all the teachers as well.

"If we expect the parents to deal a certain way with our students we ourselves must be an example "she then said


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On August 26 the entire staff, including the secretary took part in the 3 sessions of APN in 3. In these 3 sessions, the teachers were shown how to use nonviolent discipline, positive communication and effective encouragement catered to children ages 5 to 12.

The last sessions was held on September 22, 2009.

"The depth and range of Active Parenting Now in 3 is impressive. It’s a complete, comprehensive curriculum". The participants all admit that for them this program is eye opening and helpful not only as parents but also in their every day communication as teachers in the classroom.

DERPI applauds this bold step and encourage parents to seek help and use all tools available to deal with the challenges of today’s society

This program is part of the innovations in education and is funded with Dutch Development funds trough USONA.