St. Martinus also complains about Minister on IMED-registration

WILLEMSTAD — As the Minister of Education, Omayra Leeflang (PAR) had not arranged for a timely response to the letter from the registry organization Faimer, which organization updates the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the students of the St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine (SMU) run the risk of their training not being acknowledged and become the victim of negligence. Moreover, there are students who will therefore encounter a one-year delay in their studies, as they must register themselves as co-assistant in a hospital before October 1st.


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"Having not received a response, Faimer decided to remove SMU from the IMED-list. This has disastrous consequences for SMU and their students. That is the reason why SMU urgently requests the Minister to inform Faimer that the charter is still valid and that SMU is open", the SMU-management, explains in a press-report.
In the interest of the students, SMU hopes that it will not be forced to institute summary proceedings to urge the Minister to such a reaction. "Various urgent letters have not led to the Minister responding to Faimer’s letter. In view of the urgency of the matter, SMU is actually forced to take further action. SMU had already informed the Minister of Education on September 18th, that they would institute summary proceedings against the central government if adequate action was not taken within 2 x 24 hours."
In addition, the management states that during a short while about the beginning August, ‘there were rumors circulating on SMU’, and ‘incorrect reports in the press’ which led to uncertainty amongst outsiders whether SMU would continue with their medical training.
"SMU has provided this training without interruptions since 2003. So as to leave no doubt: It was merely a reorganization, which took place within the SMU-administration. The academic season is always concluded every year in August and starts again in September, as usual."
The St. Martinus University did not conclude the college year appropriately. Classes were discontinued since the beginning of August. Desperate students went to court and won their case. During that entire period, the university’s lawyer confirmed that the university was closed and that it would possibly open again in September.

Faimer also took note of the information on St. Martinus. On August 10th, the Minister of Education received a letter from Faimer requesting information on SMU. In that letter, Faimer requested confirmation if the charter of SMU was still valid and if the university was still open.
Until this day – more than one month after receipt of the letter – Faimer has still not received an adequate answer from the Minister.