Tax-treaty with Germany out-negotiated

WILLEMSTAD/THE HAGUE — The interim-director of the Directorate Tax Affairs, Julian Lopez Ramirez and the adjunct head of the Department of International Affairs of the German Ministry of Finances, Dieter Eimermann, concluded the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between the two countries on the day of the Queen’s speech in The Hague.


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The agreement was concluded after a long day of intensive negotiations between the Antillean and German delegations at the Antillean House in The Hague. Lopez Ramirez and Jacques Gankema, senior policy co-worker of the Directorate Tax Affairs, negotiated on behalf of the Netherlands Antilles.
It is expected that this treaty with Germany will be signed soon. A similar treaty was negotiated and signed with France in Paris last week Thursday. The Antillean delegation will leave tomorrow after a very successful European mission.