Press Release from Senator of the National Alliance George Pantophlet


Pending issues

Senator of the National Alliance George Pantophlet says he has been in discussions recently with the Minister of Justice Magaly Jacoba on two vital issues regarding her responsibilities which are the implementation of the "Protocol" better known as the Brook Tower Accord and the developments that are taking place at the Police Station on St. Maarten.


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On the matter of the "Protocol" the Minister stated that they are looking at the date of October 31, 2009 for its implementation and not September 15 as is being mentioned by some persons. However this is contingent on some judicial procedures that have to be finalized. Also the Immigration and Naturalization Building is almost ready and the possibility exists that the personnel from the relevant departments from the Immigration and Police Affairs might be relocating there sometime this month. The Minister also emphasized that this is not a grace period or amnesty. I want to admonish employers not to use this as an opportunity not to apply for working permits for their employees. "The Protocol has three different categories and these will be published as soon as the legal procedures are completed. We should not underestimate the social and economic impact this "Protocol will have on our island.

The other issue has to do with legal positions of some brigadiers and inspectors at the St. Maarten police station. The Minister informed me that she is working on trying to resolve the situation. She has requested certain information from the police force which will allow her to solve this problem once and for all. The Minister is working in close cooperation with the Lt. Governor and Local Chief of Police Mr. Franklin Richards in gathering the necessary information.

On the matter of Inspector Carlton Phillips the Minister said that she can not go into any details as the matter is under investigation.