Signing of interline agreement between US Airways and Avianca with Insel Air connects Curacao

Signing of interline agreement between US Airways and Avianca with Insel Air connects Curacao with North and South America

In August 2009, InselAir have signed interline agreements with US Airways and Avianca which gives to our passengers the opportunity to travel on all InselAir, Avianca and US airways routes by a one window shopping possibility. This will be effective from the end of October 2009 onwards.


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All US airways, Avianca and InselAir routes will be connecting seemless so that both our passengers will have their flights continuing within a maximum time of 1.30 hours. With the signing it has also become possible now to book tickets via InselAir on US airways and Avianca flights to all their different destinations through the World.

US airways that already has flights to the Caribbean now has the possibility to add Curacao to it’s Caribbean destinations by transporting passengers from all over the United States to Curacao via InselAir. InselAir is now connected to North America through the interline alliance with US Airways and with South America through the interline alliance with Avianca.

For InselAir this is a huge step forward as in order to be able to sign an interline agreement one has to become member of IATA clearing house which is the international institute were transactions between mayor airlines in world are cleared. Insel Air was introduced to the clearing house by mayir airlenes and complied with all standards of the IATA clearing house to become a member.

At the moment InselAir has signed interline agreements with US Airways, Winair of St Maarten, Avianca of Colombia and with Avianca subsidiary Sam Airlines. These agreements are also filed by IATA and published in the Current IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA) Concurrences.

This is proof of InselAirs persistence to grow and strengthen their base to become a strong and leading carrier in the Caribbean. For this reason this development has to be accompanied by the insertion of new aircraft in the ever growing fleet of InselAir,

New MD-82

At the end of this week InselAir’s third aircraft (MD-82) will arrive at the airport Hato of Curacao. This aircraft has been purchased in June of this year and has undergown a heavy C-check in South Africa. This aircraft which will be registered PJ-MDC will enter into service as soon as possible after the official registration and clearance in all destinations have been approved.

The aircraft will have a configuration of 152 seats and two classes, a comfort class and an economy class. In the comfort class their will be 15 seats available and extra service will be given to our passengers.

As soon as this aircraft is into service our two other Jet aircraft will undergo a C-check and also a change of configuration similar to that of the PJ-MDC. With this new aircraft, InselAir will be able to add 4 new routes to it’s route structure. As of November next InselAir will start operations on the following routes:


In this way we will enhance the service requested by our customers even more.

InselAir will invite the press for a press conference in which more details will be given about the developments in InselAir and also to witness the arrival of our third MD-82 PJ-MDC.