Police Press Releases

O-tolerance team controls school areas.

In connection with the constant and increasing amount of fights taken place in the secondary and high school areas of South Reward, Sint Peters and Cul-de-Sac, between several rival group of youngsters from different neighborhoods and/or different schools, the police dept. as a temporary measure has put in several members of the O-tolerance team assisted by several members of the VKS to patrol these school areas during and at the end of school hours.


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These measures are temporary and which have started about a week ago and requires the input and cooperation of the entire community to do their part, until effective and definite solutions to these problems are found and put in place. These measures are also to prevent and suppress this type of negative behavior and to ensure the safety and to protect the other students attending those schools and also the persons living in those neighborhoods. The O-tolerance team will be removing any-one who is loitering in the neighborhood of any of these schools or who does not have any valid explanation or reason for being in the vicinity of these schools. The police dept. is asking the cooperation of all parents who have to drop-off or pick-up their child or children at any of these schools to do so on time.

This measure is to avoid having the children hanging around the school areas unnecessarily. They should also instruct their children not to venture unnecessarily to any of the other schools to catch the bus or for any ant unnecessary reasons. They should catch the bus at their respective schools. Most of all they should instruct their children to refrain from getting involved in any physical confrontations or any other type of negative behavior. The O-tolerance team will be carrying out a O-tolerance policy and any of the students involved in a fight will be taken to the police station and their parents will be notified. At the end of the school hours, several units of the O-tolerance team will make sure that the students that are boarding the buses will do that orderly and safely and in doing so clearing the school area as quickly as possible. The measure will also minimize the possibility of any fights taking place. This is a community problem and police dept. will do their part and expects the cooperation from the entire community to give a helping hand in solving this problem.




O-tolerance team controls several "hot spots"

On Friday September 11th the O-tolerance team controlled several "hot spots" (spots known for illegal activities) in the areas of Middle region, Illidge road, Cole Bay and Cape bay.

During these controls machetes, a knife, chair legs ( to be used as weapons) and several small plastic bags of marijuana were found and confiscated. No one was arrested during these controls. These controls will continue by the O-tolerance team.




Seven new cadets to attend police academy in Curacao

On Sunday September 13th six new cadets from the Windward islands flew to Curacao where they will be attending the Police Academy to become police officers. In Curacao these cadets will be joined by one more cadet who already is in Curacao. The names of these cadets are G. Lake, S. van Bosse, F. Perres-Torres, D. Every, R. Henson, J. DeBruin from Sint Maarten and I. Woodley from Sint Eustatius. These cadets will be accompanied to Curacao by the coordinator of the recruitment campagne 2009, Chief Inspector Carl John. On this trip Chief Inspector Carl John will be having talks with the management of the Police Academy ( LPO) with regards to the progress of all students (police and immigration) presently attending the police academy. Several trips to Curacao by members of the recruitment team in Sint Maarten will take place in order to monitor the progress of the cadets. The amount of cadets from the Windward Islands attending the Police Academy in Curacao at present will be 40 persons. 20 for police officers and 20 for immigration officers. The management-team of the KPSSS wishes the cadets much success