Belvedere Community Center offers their staff workshops on Active Parents of Teens


DERPI continues to organize parent courses for audiences, including Community centers, banks, churches and other organizations

This six-session video and discussion program will be held on six consecutive Thursday evenings from 6.00 -8.00 and caters to the teachers and youth leaders of the Belvedere Community Center.


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This program teaches parents and people working with kids the proper Principles & Techniques that they need in order to work and deal with kids. It also addresses the important issues such as school success, violence, alcohol, drugs, and sex. It helps parents and teens get along by teaching them communication and negotiation skills that lead to improved relationships.

"I am always looking for ways for the staff to improve themselves."

Belvedere Community Center, Ms. Jessica Richardson said.

Ms. Richardson also believed that it is a valuable course for young people because they get the chance to learn about the responsibility of parenting before they even think about becoming a parent themselves; the participants, a group of 12 teachers and youth leaders for the afternoon program, also had the following comments:

"I realized a lot about myself and things that I want to change. I am really looking forward to next week’s session."_____"I think it is a worthwhile course for other people to take. It prepares you for future aspirations. I learned a lot about the different types of parenting styles, it teaches you valuable lessons such as respect and obedience. "_____"It was fun!! Very informative and interesting. I learned some different things from how I was brought up; how to handle situations differently. The task now is to implement them’_______

"We, the teachers and youth leaders at The Belvedere Community Center, will be taking on this program and bringing it to the parents of the youths participating in our program, and the entire community. We are hoping to encourage other people to get involved with this program, because remember these youths are going to be our island’s future. So get involved before it’s too late.".

The 1st session started on Thursday September 10th and will run till October 15th 2009 and is organized by the Departement for Educational Research, Policy and Innovations, DERPI and is funded with Dutch Development funds, trough USONA.