Four new raids on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK — Four new raids were carried out on Bonaire yesterday, in connection with the all-out investigation on drug- and gold-smuggling, money laundering, and fraud within the civil administration.


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The raids were held at two governmental departments, amongst which, the Land Registry, and two companies, including a notary. There was also a question of goods being confiscated during the raids, but the Public Prosecutor did not wish to elaborate on this.
One of the house searches yesterday, regarded the notary office; the criminal investigation department returned there today to search for documents, but nothing was confiscated until now, said a resource. Justice thinks that money from the drug smuggling was laundered through real estate on Bonaire.
In the framework of the international investigation, already eighteen raids have been carried out and two suspects, Anthony Marcera and Albert de Groof, were apprehended past Tuesday on Bonaire. On Curaçao, Willem van Wijngaarden – a project advisor to the Bonaire government, was apprehended. Documents were also confiscated from the residences of UPB-politician Ramonsito Booi and Burney El Hage. They are not suspects. More than one hundred people have cooperated with Tuesday’s operation. On Bonaire, four public prosecutors have been kept busy with the case during the entire week.

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