National Alliance Press Release

The spirit of the National Alliance that was rekindled during the Retreat last Saturday, prompts president of the interim board, Mr. Dexter Doncher, to call the Party council together for deliberations on the recent determination of Parliament elections in 2010 by Emily de Jong. Elhage, prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles,


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It is a decision that has serious consequences for the proper, timely and expedient preparations for country Saint Martin. A major accomplishment of the National Alliance leader, William V. Marlin, was having the Central government comply with his wishes to make haste with the dismantling process of the Central government. The central government, as a prerequisite, will support a fortification trajectory to enable the transfer of central government tasks at the latest per January 1, 2010 to Saint Martin. This transfer of central government tasks to the islands of Curacao and Saint Martin will begin in October, 2009.

In the Central government Newsletter Nr. 1 – 2009 the National Alliance leader , commissioner of general and constitutional affairs, William Marlin and prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Emily de Jong-Elhage are featured on its front page signing the agreement to set up central government dependicies on Saint Martin in a meeting of June 23, 2009.

On Friday, July 10 instant, the Council of Ministers agreed with the presentation of a concept transition regulation to decentralize the Netherlands Antilles, with explanatory memorandum and appendix, to the island-territories of Curacao and Saint Martin for their concurrence. – as stated in the central government Newsletter, Nr.1.

The consequences of Parliament elections in January 2010 are crucial to the expediency of country Saint Martin. It will significantly delay the process of dismantling the Netherlands Antilles; it will derail the proper transfer of the Central government tasks to the island territoroy of Saint Martin. Most of all, it sends an ominous signal to the island of Saint Martin; a signal of ignoring the integrity of the Central government as it concerns its commitment to realize constitutional change – in effect, true democracy,

In essence, it means the Central government has recklessly handled the wishes of the people of the Netherlands Antilles and in particular, the island-territory of Saint Martin, as they were expressed with the adoption of the referendum of 2002 and ratified by the island council of Saint Martin on December 2006.

Therefore, Dexter Doncher, president of the National Alliance board, at the behest of the National Alliance leader, William Marlin, and based on the resolutions of the Retreat, convenes a Party council meeting.

It is imperative that all members of the Party council be present, as well as the participants of the Retreat to deliberate prime minister Emily de Jong-Elhage’s proposed Parliament elections in January 2010 and establish a date for the National Alliance Congress.

The meeting will take place on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 at National Alliance headquarters "The Ferret House"- Backstreet, Philipsburg at 6:30 p.m.