Bridge repair works completed; Three times per day openings for Maritime Traffic started Saturday

Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation Managing Director Russell Voges, announced that repair works at the bridge have been completed and that regular opening for maritime traffic resumed on Saturday, August 29.


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The first vessel to enter the lagoon was the Netherlands Antilles/Aruba Coast Guard Vessel Poema. This was a special opening that took place on Friday after the pontoon was removed from under the bridge deck.

The normal three-times per day openings are 9.30am, 11.30am and 5.30pm.

Motorists are advised that they should carefully observe the traffic lights that have been installed to increase vehicular safety in and around the bridge especially when it comes to alerting drivers to stop in an orderly manner in order to facilitate the opening of the bridge. Cars are required to stop as soon as the green light jumps to yellow and then to red.

Small craft are required to make use of the port channel. Jet Ski’s are not allowed to pass under the main bridge channel with their waterspout up as this causes serious corrosion of the steel structure. Jet Ski riders must turn down their water spouts and pass through the port channel.

Considerable investments have been made to the bridge and everyone has a role to play in the longevity and safety of the bridge structure including those who transit in and out of the lagoon.

Hofman Sliedrecht NV will be back in November to carry out inspections to the bridge structure to make sure that everything is in order for the 2009/2010 mega-yacht season.

"The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority would like to thank the public, motorists, captains and owners of vessels for their endurance during the repair period.

"I would also like to thank the following companies for their contribution in the repair work of the bridge, Hofman Sliedrecht NV, St. Maarten Marine Services NV, Seacure Marine Construction NV, Hismar NV, Djindja NV, C&H Electrical Construction and Electec NV," Voges stated on Saturday.