Patrick van der Eem caught with cocaine


ORANJESTAD — Patrick van der Eem – who was the undercover man to whom Joran van der Sloot had made a confession – was apprehended yesterday evening around seven o’clock for possession of drugs and making violent threats.

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The police arrested Van der Eem in his room in the Radisson hotel. According to the local media, Van der Eem had previously stayed in other hotels, amongst others, the Rui, Westen, and Occidental and had checked-out without paying. According to the Public Prosecutor the drugs, which he was carrying at that moment, were for his own use. Van der Eem is still confined at the police station in Noord and the case will be investigated.

Van der Eem became known through his contribution to a broadcasted television program of crime reporter Peter de Vries on the disappearance of the American teenager Natalee Holloway on Aruba.
He had already been involved in an earlier drug case. He presumably got the scar on the left hand side of his face during his information role in a drug case. In addition, Van der Eem was confined for a short while last December after a report on battering his girlfriend

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