Commissioner Marlin says individual commitment from students, parents and teachers necessary for suc

Last week teachers and support staff welcomed thousands of students back to the classroom. As kids settled down for their first week of the new school year 2009-2010, much effort in learning must be made during the new year Commissioner of Education William Marlin said on Sunday.


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"Through the individual commitment students, parents and teachers, our students will graduate at the end of the school year having gained the knowledge, skills and values necessary to move them up a grade and on to the next level and of this journey.

"For the 2009-2010 school year, everyone’s goal is increasing learning and achievement for all students. Parents also have a role to play where this is concerned. You have a responsibility in the education process of your child.

"Students and teachers cannot do it alone at this stage of their educational journey, and your input is essential. Students have to be prepared especially those who will complete high school at the end of the school year. They must have the readiness in life after high school in an ever-changing society and economy.

"I reiterate, teachers cannot do it alone. Parent’s commitment to educational excellence is necessary. Parents and community members need to join in this new school year by volunteering in the schools and becoming involved in partnerships to support students.

"Let us look forward together as students, parents and teachers as the second week of the new school year gets underway on Monday, to an outstanding school-year," Commissioner of Education William Marlin told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Sunday.