Bridge repair work progressing well

Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation Managing Director Russell, announced on Sunday that repair activities at the bridge is progressing well.


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A pontoon is currently located under the bridge which is being used to implement repair work under the bridge deck.

Current repair works denote that no maritime traffic can enter or leave the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The bridge according to Managing Director Voges will only be opened during a weather emergency such as a storm or hurricane threat as was the case when Tropical Storm Ana and Hurricane Bill had posed a possible threat to the island.

"The pontoon will remain under the bridge until Thursday most probably. Most of the vessels that sought shelter in the lagoon from the inclement weather have already left.

"The maintenance repair work at the bridge entails rewiring of the electrical system and the installation of new traffic barriers. The latter have already been installed on both sides," Voges explained on Sunday in a press release.

Boat owners and captains were informed several weeks ago about the two-week closure of the bridge in order to facilitate the necessary maintenance repairs. These repairs started on August 17.

All the repairs to the Simpson Bay Bridge are based on the recommendations made by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Authority for Waterworks and Bridges.