Senior citizens offered early insurance with SVB

WILLEMSTAD — Senior citizens and their families as well as immigrated Dutch pensioners who are uninsured for medical expenses due to a coincidence of circumstances or running the risk thereof, may approach the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) prior to the law adjustment becoming effective.


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The Central Committee of the States of the Netherlands Antilles agreed with the request of minister Omayra Leeflang (Public Health and Social Development, PAR) yesterday, to oblige these two groups ‘prior to the final completion of the law’s adjustment route’.
A majority of the present members supported Leeflang – even though six members were absent and the MAN-party voting against the request.

‘This should’ve been realized long ago’
States member Dudley Lucia (PNP) articulated the sentiment of the majority of the Central Committee saliently by stating that the care should’ve been realized long ago through this law adjustment’.

Lucia stated that it was improper that fellow citizens ‘just when they become older and are confronted with all kinds of ailments due to the ageing process, become uninsured’ because as pensioners they no longer come under the SVB as they are no longer employed and do not dispose of the means for a private insurance.
The ‘non-enormously rich’ pensioners from the Netherlands – who are no longer insured once they take up residence in the Antilles due to the introduction of the new insurance law in the Netherlands – may now approach the SVB as well.

2.3 million
On an annual basis, this insurance expansion of the SVB implies a cost-increase of 2.3 million guilders – which is not an amount to be bowled over about in our care system where it concerns 600 million guilders per year.
Without including the Dutch pensioners – it is not clear yet whether everyone from this group will make use of this opportunity – it concerns a total of 5700 local pensioners and their family members who are now insured for medical expenses.
The chances are that the Public Health minister will receive the official letter regarding ‘the sentiment of the States’ as per her request.
It is then up to the operational flexibility of the SVB who determines when the two relevant groups will actually be included.