Flamboyant tree falls down in Saba


On Tuesday afternoon at around 3.30 p.m. members of the Fire Department were busy cutting down several branches form the big Flamboyant tree adjacent to the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center and next to E & H Home Center when suddenly the entire tree came tumbling down.


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It was a great shock to many as the noise from the tree put several persons in the area to come running to see what had happened. There were no injuries though from the tree but a beautiful landmark is longer there for the many tourist that visited the island to see.

According to many old timers this tree is definitely over 100 years old. Some persons commented that it was very unusual that this year the tree did not come out in full bloom and after visiting the area and looking at the roots one could have seen that the tree was dying. Traffic in the area had to be re-routed in order for member of the Fire Department and the Sanitation to carry out their duties by clearing up the area. Fire men made use of chain saws in order to have the tree removed. Work ended at around 8.15 p.m. Saba’s Acting Lt. Governor Mr. Roy Smith was also at the location to witness the work that was being carried out by the Fire Department and the Sanitation Department under the guidance of Fire Chief Julio Every and Act. Head of the Sanitation Department Mr. Cisco Geferts.

For many this beautiful flamboyant tree locally called July tree will be a big loss in The Bottom as many would stop by to take photos etc. one senior citizen told SNA on Tuesday evening that he is now 85 years old and we was born and met that three there so he figures that it is long over the 100 years. He told us that with the constant pounding during the various hurricanes he figured that the roots got twisted and finally decided to come down. The tree was totally uprooted.