WICSU/PSU President clears the air

(AUDIO AVAILABLE)WICSU/PSU President Mr.William Reed, sat down with local media, to inform them of the situation presently going on with his union and Tender Services.



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Advisor & President of UFA accused the WICSU/PSU of a negotiation on behalf of Tender Services , that they signed a contract without the input of the workers & WINAIR. Mr.Reed denied that accusition.

Since that accusition, a settlement came and the WICSU/PSU were ready to sign a contract, but before they signed they made sure the workers would be in agreement with the contract. The workers however, demanded a 50% increase in their wages, but Mr.Reed turned that down.

The reason for the demand from the workers, was due to the fact that Mr.Bobby Velasquez was said to be making more money than they were and Mr.Velasquez offered them the 50% increase, but he didn’t keep to his word. Instead he payed them a 5% increase. The workers then went to the mediator and called for a referendum.

Mr.Reed mentioned that Mr.Velasquez signed a collective labour agreement with WICSU/PSU, which takes care of the worker’s insurance policy & pension scheme.

Mr.Velasquez recently requested from the mediator to layoff some of the workers, due to the fact of another tender on St.Maarten & of a regulation intailing that everyone in the business should get a fair share. He said his company cannot accompany the amount of workers it presently has, especially knowing that his income would decrease to 50% of what he is presently recieving.

In closing, Mr.Reed said ”he finds it extremely unethical for his union and himself to be blamed and accused of something that is basically an understanding to the extent of a conspiracy, that existed before that it materialised at this time. He also stated ”that it is the duty of any worker to choose anye union that they want and it’s the freedom of any business to seek any type of business opportunity it deems fit and he has refrained from getting into that kind of situation with the tendering and competition, seeing that didn’t want to get squeezed between two business people with their competition.