50 Boats and barges seek shelter in Simpson Bay Lagoon

Approximately 50 boats and barges including vessels from surrounding islands sought shelter in the Simpson Bay Lagoon due to the threat posed by now downgraded Tropical Storm Ana.


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Ana was classified as a Tropical Depression on Sunday afternoon.

Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation Managing Director Russell Voges says that the bridge opened from Thursday to accommodate mariners who were seeking safe shelter in the lagoon. The additional openings carried out during the past days went without any major hick-ups.

Voges added that even during times of scheduled bridge repairs, emergency openings due to a tropical storm/hurricane threat is always included in the planning of these civil works activities.

Civil works for a two week period planned for Monday, August 17 is still on track. The Simpson Bay Bridge will be closed to maritime traffic for a two-week period to facilitate the additional repair work.

Once the weather subsides, the bridge will open during the civil works period to allow vessels to leave the Lagoon.

The main contractor Hofman Sliedrecht will work on the replacement of the traffic barrier boxes and booms; installing new traffic lights and installing a new electrical control cabinet for the bridge.

All the repairs to the Simpson Bay Bridge are based on the recommendations made by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Authority for Waterworks and Bridges. They are done to ensure the durability and longevity of the bridge structure.