High School Graduate Leaving to the US for Studies


On Wednesday, July 29th 2009, eighteen year old Courtney Willock was interviewed about her travelling abroad to further her studies.


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Courtney attended the Caribbean International Academy, and is now going to be furthering her studies in Miami at Johnson’s & Wales University to study fashion merchandising.

At a young age Courtney always aspired to be a great fashion designer and remained with those dreams for years and also wants to open her own store someday. "I hope that I settle in well at my new school" Courtney says. She will be living on campus with 3 roommates from 2 different countries and expects for them to all get along very well. Courtney desires that the school is not a party school and that she could get her work done. "I am very excited to attend the school" she said "not only because I liked what they had to offer but because it was the only school I applied for and was happy that I got accepted". Courtney hopes to gain knowledge about the fashion world, and also hopes to get her Bachelors degree in four years.

Courtney is a little sad and depressed to leave because she is her mother’s one and only child and finds it hard to leave her behind. With all the advice and all that her mom thought her Courtney thinks that she is independent enough to go on her own. To the youths that are next in line to leave the island Courtney says," keep up the hard work and do your best in school".

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