Early July consistent and effective controls coming to clamp down on excessive sound creating a…

…public nuisance

Intensified controls of bars, restaurants, snack-its and clubs with respect to excessive sound which creates a public nuisance in residential areas, will commence by controllers from the Department of Permits, Licenses & Economic Control (VOSEC) and the Department of Control, Inspection & Security (CIB), early July.

Consequently, in areas which are otherwise considered as residential areas as well as mixed areas (residential and commercial development), commercial activity such as bars, restaurants and clubs, which create a nuisance to the neighborhood in which they operate, such as sound, smell and sight, will be limited.

Businesses should review their permits to make sure that they are adhering to the law and comply with the stipulations within their licenses.


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Sound meters will be used in executing the controls. In case an establishment is emitting excessive noise, the following actions and penalties will be imposed, written warnings, closures of one week or up to three months and permanent revocation of the establishment’s license.

If an establishment doesn’t have the required documentation such as a business, operational or vending licenses, the penalty is immediate closure until all the documents are in order.

Approximately 10 controllers will be out in the field conducting the exercise. Some of the controllers are also extra ordinary police officers who are authorized to give fines and or make arrests if necessary.