Active Parenting of Teens: for parents of Teens and Tweens

The challenges of successfully dealing with children during their teen years have always been among parents’ hardest won -achievements.

Active Parenting for Teens", was introduced in 2001 to the VSBO / PSVE schools and re-introduced in May of 2009 in all VSBO schools on the Island.


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Active Parenting for Teens is a program designed by Dr. Popkins, with the purpose to provide training and support for families experiencing the dynamic changes of teenage development and to help parents and other care givers prepare teens to survive and thrive in a democratic society

The program is offered to parents in 6 workshop sessions of 2 hours each.

In March of this year, 20 new leaders have been trained in this program in order to conduct parent evenings at their own VSBO School. The Sundial, MPC, SMVTS and PSVE Academy hosted workshops for invited parents since that time.

The evaluation session of the re –introduction was held on June 11.

The facilitators will be certified as Leaders in Active Parenting of Teens by Active Parenting Publisher after parents evaluate them during the last workshops. The Sundial school and MPC concluded their parent’s workshop sessions while PSVE Academy and SMVTS will continue to do so.


DERPI encourages all parents to make use of the opportunity to get informed. Get educated on how to prepare your teens and sign up on any of these schools for the workshops.

This program is free of charge. All parents will receive a parent’s guide and in six sessions packed with activities, discussion, real-world examples, and feedback, you’ll learn a proven approach to parenting, plus indispensable techniques for overcoming obstacles, that will bring happiness and harmony into your home

DERPI congratulate all trainers, leaders to be, school managements and school board for giving the parents this opportunity.

This program is part of the innovations in education and is funded by Dutch Development Funds through USONA .