GEBE management, supervisor and department heads completed the final round of trainings in the Management Executive Program conducted by Dr. Charles Cambridge and Mrs. Miriam Martinez of Productivity Managements Associates Inc. A total of 74 employees completed the training program that was held at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort from June 1 to June 12, 2009.


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GEBE Managing Director, William Brooks, commended the employees for their commitment in completing the Management Executive Program. "We are proud to round off this fundamental phase of management training for all levels of supervisors. Expanding the management skills of our staff is a critical component in preparing the company for a High Performance Workplace. "

The fifth and final module of the Management Executive Program consisted of case studies, in basket exercises and role play where participants demonstrated their learned skills under time pressure. Time management, decision making and negotiation tactics were all part of the assessments. The participants were observed by the program facilitators who reviewed their performances and will receive feedback based on their strengths and improvement points. Each employee also completed an individual management style profile that will help them evaluate their approach to supervision, coaching and leading their team members.

The Management Executive Program consisted of five training modules that spanned over a period of one year including Human Resource Fundamentals, Operational Skills, Integrative Skills, Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness, Change Management and concluded with the assessment sessions. The total program consisted of approximately 75 training hours per person, totaling over 5400 training hours, invested in upgrading the supervising and management skills of the GEBE personnel.

The Management Executive Program is one element of the foundation being laid on which the change management in GEBE will take place. This foundation includes the Work Attitude Survey, High Performance Workplace Awareness training, and Management Team Retreat to ensure that each and every employee in GEBE has the skills to manage and implement change in their departments. Between 2007 and 2009, all 235 GEBE employees have attended the different trainings as part of the preparations for a complete company transformation into a High Performance Workplace.

In addition to the training, individual interviews were held to discuss proposed action plans for the different departments that can better achieve GEBE’s organizational goals and vision. These action plans will be collated and discussed at the highest levels during a Strategic Planning and Envisioning Summit which will be attended by all stakeholders later this year. The outcome will be a roadmap for the transitions that need to take place in GEBE in order for the company to achieve its vision. Once this roadmap is established, a number of transformation taskforces will be formed to work on implementing proposed changes in priority areas.

The Management Executive Program was coordinated by the GEBE HR Department, drs. Richard Hodge and his team. Hodge emphasized that "training continues to be a high priority for GEBE. Only by continually investing in our team, can we continue to meet the development and challenges in the utility industry today and tomorrow."