Director of Tourism attends NAAM Meeting


Director of Tourism, Glenn Holm will be leaving for Curacao on Wednesday to attend a NAAM (National Archeological and Anthropological Memory Management) Board Meeting in Curacao. The trip is financed by NAAM organization. The main topic to be discussed within the meeting will be the cultural heritage management and legislation in the Netherlands Antilles as well as Aruba.


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NAAM will be holding a seminar at the University of the Netherlands Antilles in Curacao in which Board members will be updated by cultural experts and stakeholders in the managements/conservation of the islands cultural heritage. The treaty of Malta is another topic to be discussed and how it affects the Antilles. Maritime management will also be a point of discussion. The seminar will attend to the important question in how the islands can synchronize their policies in regards to cultural heritage after the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles. Director Holm will return to the Island on Friday.

Mr. Glenn Holm stated that he is, "Looking forward to seeing and hearing what direction is being proposed and whether it will fit into the new status of the BES islands".