On Friday June 12th at approximately 06.00 p.m., one man with initials C.D.H. was arrested, during a routine control done by police officers on patrol. The arrest took place in the vicinity of Happy City Bar and restaurant located in the capital Oranjestad. The location of the arrest is a popular hang-out spot for the locals. While on patrol the officers saw C.D.H. who is well known to the police in Statia and Sint Maarten, sitting at that location.


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They also saw that he had a small white plastic container in his hand. The officers knowing that the area is also known for the selling of drugs decided to carry out a control. When C.D.H. noticed that the officers stopped and come out of their vehicle, he threw the small plastic container behind him. The officers saw when the suspect made that suspicious move. The plastic container was retrieved by the officers and when the container was opened more than forty cocaine rocks were found and confiscated.

A small plastic bag containing a small amount of marijuana was also found and confiscated. During a search of the suspect a substantial amount amount of cash was found. This money was also confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was arrested on the spot and then transported to the police station at Bay Brow. The scooter belonging to the suspect was also taken to the police station for further investigation. During a search of the scooter a black plastic bag containing a large amount of money was found and was also confiscated. C.D.H. remains in custody pending further investigation.