Legendary Merry Men guitarist visits Saba


Mr. Chris Gibbs, of the Legendary Barbados Band "The Merry Men" and his family, recently paid a visit to Saba. The Merry Men produced music that was recognized worldwide and greatly influenced the string band music of the North East Caribbean. The visit was based on the fact that Barney Gibbs, son of Chris, has recently invested in the Island of Saba. Barney Gibbs plans to develop on the Island and create a "secluded getaway and romantic retreat" for visiting tourists to the Island.


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Commissioner Chris Johnson and Director of Tourism, Glenn Holm has recently taken up marketing efforts within Barbados. As it has been publicized, Saba is targeting a regional market that specifically includes the Island of Barbados. One of these areas of focus is "Heritage Tourism" which was based on the fact that many prominent Barbadian families have direct descendents from the Island of Saba.

Barney Gibbs and his wife Tara created an association in Barbados called "The Friends of Saba". In the fall, this association will present a lecture at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society about the connection between Saban and Barbados families. Well known Island historian, Mr. Will Johnson will be the keynote speaker at this event and will share his wealth of knowledge on the subject. Johnson is expected to further explain the significance of family ties between the islands, such as those direct descendents of families who live on Barbados such as, the Goddards and Bournes.

During the Gibbs family trip to Saba, they paid a courtesy visit to the family of Will Johnson. This visit brought three generations of Gibbs in contact with two generations of the Johnsons. Chris Gibbs and his son Barney stated that they are both fans of Will Johnson’s historical writings on the Island. The old historian, Will Johnson replied that he has always enjoyed the music of the Merry Men for many years. Mr. Johnson proudly gave a copy of "Tales from my Grandmothers Pipe" and "Dreaming Big" to his guests.